Шапошников Сергей Вячеславович,

Садои Юри

Японские исследования, Journal Year: 2022, Volume and Issue: №1, P. 63 - 77

Published: Jan. 1, 2022

Достижение устойчивого экономического роста, повышение производительности труда в японских компаниях возможно путѐм цифровой трансформации (digital transformation, DX). Реализация цифровой трансформации стала ещѐ более важной задачей, поскольку пандемия COVID-19 привела к серьѐзному спаду экономической активности в стране. Переход к использованию цифровых технологий выявляет традиционные черты стиля работы, деловой культуры и менеджмента японской компании, которые подвергаются изменениям в процессе цифровой трансформации. Для японских компаний этот цифровой переход может стать катализатором изменений того стиля работы, деловой культуры и менеджмента, которые сегодня не только не позволяют им быть конкурентоспособными, но и могут привести к их исчезновению. Происходящие изменения пока встречают сопротивление в компаниях, но …


Patrick Velte,

Jakob Issa

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2019, Volume and Issue: 17(3), P. 323 - 341

Published: Oct. 4, 2019

This article presents a literature review of 49 empirical studies on key audit matter (KAM) disclosure in audit reports. The study involves a structured literature review on KAM disclosure based on the reactions of stakeholders. The limitations of former studies and useful recommendations for research are stressed. Five major streams of empirical research that analyze the impact of KAM disclosure on stakeholders’ reactions are focused: (1) shareholders (e.g. investors’ perceptions of auditors’ responsibility and litigation, value relevance and investors’ decisions); (2) debtholders (e.g. loan contracting terms); (3) external auditors (e.g. audit processes and audit fees); (4) boards of directors (e.g. …


Natalia Lokhman,

Oksana Karashchuk,

Olena Kornilova

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2018, Volume and Issue: 16(1), P. 207 - 213

Published: March 5, 2018

T he article deals with eSports as a perspective kind of commercial activity. The research urgency is determined by the fact that, given the active increase of eSports market with growth rates of more than 30% per year, the types of commercial activities in this field and in scientific papers are not studied in an adequate degree. T he purpose of the article is to evaluate the commercial activity development in eSports and to determine the perspectives for its further growth in Ukraine. In order to determine the key types of commercial activity in eSports, the main sources of revenue …


Li Rui,

Lina Sineviciene,

Leonid Melnyk,

Oleksandr Kubatko,

Oleksandra Karintseva,

Oleksii Lyulyov

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2019, Volume and Issue: 17(3), P. 233 - 241

Published: Sept. 22, 2019

Rapid economic reforms and proper GDP growth in China has affected the regional development of Chinese provinces. This study aims to estimate the degree of economic and environmental disparities within Chinese provinces for developing policy recommendations of regional transformation. The reduced log-linear specification of endogenous growth model is used for the estimation of convergence rates within Chinese provinces. The empirical results prove that an increase of 1% in GDP per capita basic year reduces the economic growth rate by 0.1% in the reference year. Thus, the ratio of the average per capita income in the wealthiest group to poorest provinces …


Sri Handari Wahyuningsih,

Achmad Sudiro,

Eka Afnan Troena,

Dodi W Irawanto

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2019, Volume and Issue: 17(1), P. 142 - 151

Published: March 1, 2019

This paper is mainly to study implementation of organizational culture in enhancing business competitiveness. Culture is seen as a soft system tool that reflects beliefs that are able to drive business performance in an international environment. Today, culture is a part of instrument to measure organizational readiness in managing business in an international environment. The research is focused on evaluatiny organizational culture in international-scale hotel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. International-scale hotels are faced with differences in the nature of employees and customers, so management needs to develop a culture type as a strategy to encourage business competitiveness. T he research applies …


Quan-Hoang Vuong

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2019, Volume and Issue: 17(1), P. 117 - 129

Published: Feb. 27, 2019

The development of technology is unbelievably rapid. From limited local networks to high speed Internet, from crude computing machines to powerful semi-conductors, the world had changed drastically compared to just a few decades ago. In the constantly renewing process of adapting to such an unnaturally high-entropy setting, innovations as well as entirely new concepts, were often born. In the business world, one such phenomenon was the creation of a new type of entrepreneurship. This paper proposes a new academic discipline of computational entrepreneurship, which centers on: (i) an exponentially growing (and less expensive) computing power, to the extent that almost …


Ayman Abu-Rumman

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2018, Volume and Issue: 16(3), P. 259 - 268

Published: Aug. 8, 2018

This small-scale study aimed to explore the different factors that help or hinder the achievement of competitive advantage through the possession and development of intellectual capital and the delivery of effective knowledge management in a sample of Jordanian universities. Using a quantitative methodology, underpinned by a pragmatist theoretical approach, an electronic survey was conducted with staff working within three established universities based in Jordan. The concepts of intellectual capital, knowledge management and competitive advantage within an academic setting are f irst explored before focusing more specifically on investigating how different factors influence these and impact on competitive advantage. Overall, the …


Ghazi Ben Saad,

Muzaffar Abbas

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2018, Volume and Issue: 16(3), P. 207 - 218

Published: Aug. 9, 2018

This research aims to assess direct and indirect influences of organizational culture on job performance, as well as to evaluate the impact of each sub-element of organizational culture on such performance. It is argued that employees performance derives, on the one hand, from a long-term perspective related to changes that organizations manage and implement during their process of growth. A second dimension of organizational culture can be given through organizational values, routines and distinctive aspects of culture that allow organizations to create solid competitive advantages. Since most studies in this field were held in Western work cultures, this paper will …


Victoria Akberdina,

Anna Kalinina,

Andrey Vlasov

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2018, Volume and Issue: 16(4), P. 201 - 211

Published: Nov. 8, 2018

T he present article presents an approach to evaluating the transformation of the industrial complex in the context of deep penetration of digital technologies into the material sector of the economy. The authors propose a theoretical research platform based on the theory of a new industrial society, substantiate a methodology, which comprises reproduction, institutional and synergetic approaches. The study showed that the transformation of the industrial complex, caused by any factors and implemented in any conditions, is always a discrete process of qualitative changes, resulting in significant structural changes and institutional transformations. The authors proposed a methodology to define the …


A. Shivakanth Shetty,

A. Shivakanth Shetty,

Kerena Anand

Problems and Perspectives in Management, Journal Year: 2019, Volume and Issue: 17(4), P. 163 - 175

Published: Dec. 2, 2019

T he reckless pursuit of social, environmental, political and cultural issues and brands may alienate the very customer base, whom they try to impress, especially the millennials. Hence, this study intends to study the perceptions of millennials towards brand activism, so that the findings from the study can help the brand managers to steer their brands into the troubled waters of brand activism. The methodology followed is HTAB (Hypothesize, Test, Action, Business), a popular analysis framework given by Ken Black in his book titled “Business Statistics: Contemporary Decision Making (6th ed.)” A sample comprising of 286 respondents was collected. The …