Adekenova Gulimzhan S.,

Shaikenova Zh. S.,

Chervyakova V.,

Zakarya K. D.,

Adekenov S.

International Journal of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Journal Year: 2021, Volume and Issue: Vol.13(1), P. 9 - 18

Published: April 30, 2021

Artemisia glabella Kar. et Kir. is a source of sesquiterpene lactone arglabin, which has antitumor, radiosensitizing and immunomodulatory activity. Studying the biosynthesis of arglabin and its derivatives will allow us to develop the biotechnological basis for its production, thereby increasing its availability. The precursor to most sesquiterpene lactones is costunolide. The purpose of these studies was to detect and determine the nucleotide sequences of mRNA enzymes germacrene A synthase (GAS, EC, germacrene A oxidase (GAO, EC and costunolide synthase (COS, EC, involved in the biosynthesis of costunolide in A. glabella. As a result of studies, mRNA was …