Privacy policy

This page contains the privacy policy document that applies when you use the Atoom website (hereinafter referred to as "we").

We take great care of the data we collect from our users, and we collect as much data as is necessary to make the site usable.


How do we use your personal data? (purpose of processing)

We use your personal data for the full operation of the site. Without collecting or requiring any unnecessary amount of data. Your personal data is used to:

1. identifying the user and obtaining your own profile on the website where this data is posted;

2. analytics on the site;

3. the processing of data (such as IP addresses) to prevent the manipulation of statistics for the content of the site;

4. interaction with the user directly, including through feedback, complaints and suggestions.

What data do we collect?

We only collect normal personal data, we do not require special or biometric data from you. The data we do require includes the following:

1. last name, first name and middle name of the user;

2. email address;

3. IP address and browser used;

4. geolocation information.

The user can also fill in information about himself on the site, which will be displayed in the user profile to an undetermined number of people.


Where is your personal data stored?

Your personal data is stored on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Do we share your personal data?

We do not give your personal data to other persons, i.e. we provide full confidentiality of the data. However, please keep in mind that some personal data is publicly available and we cannot prevent the collection of this data (for example, search engines).


What rights do I have?

You have all rights that are specified in the local law of your country. But we are only operating in the Russian Federation at the moment, so it is possible that the law on personal data may not apply to your country.


Can I revoke my personal information?

Yes, of course. You can revoke your personal data and with it all the information on the Atoom website will be deleted in full, unless the personal data can be processed in another legal case.

How is the privacy policy updated?

Atoom is evolving every day to become even more user-friendly for our users, while adding more features. Because of this, changes to this document may be necessary. We see it prudent for minor changes that do not affect the rights and responsibilities of individuals not to notify you of changes to the document (e.g., stylistic changes to the document).

But if there are significant changes to the document that may affect the rights and obligations of users, we will certainly notify you - by any means of communication, but preferably by using the email address you specified.


I have suggestions for changes to the privacy policy, where can I send them?

You can send all your comments and suggestions on our separate page at or by e-mail to [email protected]. We do not collect your personal data on this page, which means you send everything anonymously.