Sergiev P.V.,

Dontsova O.A.,

Berezkin G.V.

ACTA NATURAE, Journal Year: 2015, Volume and Issue: 7(1), P. 9 - 18

Published: Jan. 1, 2015

Senescence has been the focus of research for many centuries. Despite significant progress in extending average human life expectancy, the process of aging remains largely elusive and, unfortunately, inevitable. In this review, we attempted to summarize the current theories of aging and the approaches to understanding it.


Pletnev P.I.,

Bogdanov A.А.,

Dontsova O.А.,

Osterman I.А.,

Sergiev P.V.

ACTA NATURAE, Journal Year: 2015, Volume and Issue: 7(4), P. 22 - 33

Published: Jan. 1, 2015

This review centers on the stationary phase of bacterial culture. The basic processes specific to the stationary phase, as well as the regulatory mechanisms that allow the bacteria to survive in conditions of stress, are described.