Goy A.M., Head of Department of Research and Development, "Farmak" Joint-Stock Company, Kiev, Ukraine
Gapon N.V., Engineer, Central Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Development, "Farmak" Joint-Stock Company, Kiev, Ukraine
Kuznets D.O., Dossier Engineer, Department of Dossier Preparation and Management, "Farmak" Joint-Stock Company, Kiev, Ukraine
Voskoboynikova G.L. PhD in Pharmacy, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Senior Specialist of the Central Laboratory of PharmaceuticalDevelopment, Department of Research and Development, "Farmak" Joint-Stock Company, Professor in the Department ofQuality Control, Standardization and Safety of Medicines, Kiev International University, E-mail: [email protected]
Научные результаты биомедицинских исследований, Journal Year: 2016, Volume and Issue: №3, P. 23 - 27

Published: Jan. 1, 2016

In the conditions of introduction of the proper practice of production of medicinal facilities on pharmaceutical enterprises in Ukraine, it is necessary to develop effective measures of projects management for creation of favourable conditions for modernisation of pharmaceutical production, innovative management and management of development projects. The optimization of pharmaceutical production of injection preparations, modernisation of the pharmaceutical industries, is being implemented in accordance with the standards of GM. Risks-control of pharmaceutical production of hi-tech parenteral preparations on a new level is carried out at the following stages: preparation of raw material, preparation of facilities and equipment; the process of …